Monthly Archive for November, 2007

Images from the shoot

Thanks to all for the shoot. Here’s a quick comp of one of the motion control moves (click on image for movie):


and another one:


Both of these movies need a fair bit of comp work (dust busting, stabilizing, flicker removal, etc). At the moment, they’re also comped at 8bit, but I’ll soon be moving over to our 16bit pipeline (thanks to RAW format that we shot on).

Some images (I’ll put up a few more images on this post in the next couple of days):

comp.jpg comp1.jpg img_0003_1.jpg


Some miscellaneous photos and the set on location:

Some recent images. The walls will be painted lighter, the doors/floors/panels are all undergoing treatment,
and the furniture/appliances are in progress, all thanks to Karin. Additional thanks to Christine Bechameil and Ursula Nielsen for advice, paint, and furniture wear & tear.

miniature setup

here are some more setups of the set. from here the dirty work begins, making these pieces look more real.

miniature build

here’re some photos from the miniature build with karin ørum pedersen. thanks to the guys at samsoe & fribo for the space in avedøre:

all the walls are removable to allow for camera access and the base is cut into three separate pieces.

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