Monthly Archive for November, 2008

Realism test


This is simple test with a still image of the miniature shoot from last year.  The idea to to see how much I get from the plate, and how much I need to add in order to hit a high level of detail.  The doll was our character stand-in – the animation is just some image warping.

Most of the work is done in Shake (with a bit of Photoshop).  I’ve added live elements, balanced light, lens flare, defocus, a background replacement (with a simple key), animation, and a bit of paint over to cover up some odd lighting in the original plate.

Below is the original image:


These are some images from the bedroom build (which, for schedule reasons, happened almost a year after the first build).  Karin made a brick pattern from a transparency and selected areas where the features would show on the walls.  The floorboards are cut from the side of a wooden beam, then placed, sanded, painted, sanded a couple of time to get a worn look.

Buildings 1

This is a glance into the building process.  All of these buildings are built to 1:24 and will eventually represent the city in the film.  The buildings are separated into a foundation (that goes into the sidewalk), a store front, and a top level.  The top levels will double as regular houses in some of the shots, and some of the top levels are interchangeable (with the store fronts).  Again, the credits go to Karin Ørum.

Doors and windows

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be uploading different parts of our miniature process.  The work and design credit goes entirely to Karin Ørum, who’s been building all of the sets.

This is a selection of some of the doors and windows:

Old storyboards

As I’m updating this blog, I’ll also add some of the early pre-production work.  These are boards from near the beginning of the project.  The story and the boards have changed significantly since, as has my boarding style.


In preparation for the shoot, I’ve installed Earth from Rising Sun Pictures, which keeps track of disk usage.  It’s browser based, and runs off a Postgre database and RubyOnRails.  I think I’ll be expanding the server soon – since the pipeline is based around 16bit float (RAW/EXR), and the motion control shots will likely have more than one pass, our data for the shoot will take at least a terabyte of space.  The production, I’m anticipating, will easily eclipse that number.

Along with showing usage statistics, Earth also has a neat radial display:


Concept Mapping

I’ve recently discovered this open source tool for planning the production:

The below picture is my first try at mapping out some of the general processes in this film.


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