Rough comp test and 123D Catch

Here is a rough comp test of one of our sequences. The animation (still in progress) is by sean ermey, one of our recent team additions (I hope to have a post on our crew in the near future).  The lighting comes mostly from the digitized version of our miniature sets and is entirely the work of our “psuedo” global illumination framework for 3delight, which we call hydraLight.  The framework makes easy a color managed workflow, and multi-bounce lighting, as well as seamlessly blending strategies (raytrace, point cloud) for reflection/refractive.  More about the framework in another post.

We also used this sequence as our test of the newly (re)branded Autodesk PhotoFly, now called 123D Catch.  14 photos from our miniature sets (as many angles as we could get, including our shot camera), and about 3min later a fantastic 3d mesh (which we use for character interaction and color bleed).  I’ve attached some of the photos below.

For those interested, we’re using a 300W Arri Fresnel (with a few layers of diffusion) for the hall light (which is perhaps a bit too sharp), a bounced 1000W Arri, with closed gates, for the moon light, and a dollhouse practical for both the interior lamp and the outdoor lamp (you can see the shadows on the curtains).  I might bring in a desk lamp instead for the hallway light if we reshoot this sequence.


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  • Some things that I noticed right away

    – the right hand is floaty, I would say that it was animate by IK and the arcs are not clear and smooth enough; also there is almost no weight in this hand
    – the right shoulder is popping and, at some point, it looks a little broken
    – I don’t feel the weight in his chest, and the head doesn’t looks connected to the neck

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