The last stages of building


Above is a timelapse of the last day of official work (the video is a bit low quality).  We shipped the sets the day after and have set them up in the studio.  Karin (and possible Nancy, another builder) will be coming here in about a week to finish some of the houses, and survey the setup.

Below are some of the stills.

3 Responses to “The last stages of building”

  • Wow! Why haven’t I been informed of this!? Incredible work. Thanks for the insight!

  • Nice job! How did you make the cobblestone streets? I am making a short film based in early 20th century, and I was wondering how to make that realistic cobblestone look?

  • We molded a cobblestone pattern, and wrapped the mold around a large rolling pin. This was then the basis for the streets – of course there was also a fair bit of work afterward, forming, painting, etc. We used the same process for our brick building facades, which our first miniature builder, Karin Ørum, developed for the film.

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