Sets, lighting, and motion control


We’ve now got our own motion control rig set up.  It’s based off of the last rig, which we shipped down to Studio SOI, who are using it for some exciting projects.  The test above is from a demonstration we gave to the Danish Film Institute earlier today.  There is a bit of subtle shaking in the shot, which comes from us handling the rig while the move was in progress.

Below are some recent tests of the trees Bente Laurenz Jacobsen (who is pictured below) is building for the project.  We discovered that ambient daylight is difficult to recreate indoors, so we built a large rig (like a flash umbrella), that we will be stretching cloth over and hanging above the sets for the day shots.  The shots below represent both the indoor light tests, and some outdoor shots.  The environment around the workshop provides an interesting backdrop to the shots.

There are also some shots with Nancy Munford and Karin Ørum who came up for a weekend in February to finish work on the street sets.

The stairs on the house were some of the last items that got painted – hence they’re still foam in the pictures.

6 Responses to “Sets, lighting, and motion control”

  • Looks awesome!

    Can’t wait to see it 😉

  • sandeep m. meher

    good work

  • Looks fantastic. Is this being filmed in video or is it photographed stills put together?

  • It’s all photographed stills. We’ve also starting using our motion control rig a bit more heavily (it helps to put wheels and a platform underneath it), so we’ve got a few more shots that are stop-motion style backplates of the environments.

  • A Canon yes? That’s all the more amazing as it’s such a smooth motion. How many frames per second do you use?

    Can’t wait to see more of the motion control rig in action. Would be great to see being operated too!

  • We’re shooting on a Canon EOS 40D. We shoot still frames (for many reasons), but what you’re seeing is at 24 fps – that’s the standard frame rate for the project. With any luck, we’ll have some videos up soon. The operation is pretty straightforward, but I’ll try to do a screen capture of the interface next time.

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