Moddler & Rapid Prototyping


So, John Vegher, founder of Moddler (among other things), has generously offered to rapid prototype the props for our 1:24 scale outdoor sets.  Above is our first prop, a bench which we modeled in Maya, detailed in ZBrush and then sent on to Moddler.  Below is a turntable of the ZBrush model.

The idea is to ship the props over here and paint them before they integrate into the sets.  We have about a month left before the outdoor shoot, so we’ll be spending some time putting all of the parts together.

Clearly from the pictures, the results are fantastic.  This process saves us a tremendous amount of time building the props at the small scale, and also, having to re-build versions of the props in 3D in order to match to.  More photos below.

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  • I dropped by the production today after teaching; I was quite excited to see the work you are all doing after having seen your blog back at Weta.

    Hopefully I can talk with you about it before I return to New Zealand.

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