City street


These are some of the images of one of our 1:24 scale city streets.  There are also some images of props, courtesy of Moddler, that we’ll be receiving in the near future and incorporating into the sets.  These sets are, as most things on the project, in process, and we’re currently adding more text (signs, placards) and color to bring more life to the environments.

One of the problems we’ve discovered is that one can never have enough studio space – the shooting space has turned into a labyrinth of metal rails (for the motion control), computers, sets, lights, flags, bounce cards, and our monolithic fill dome (which we’ll use to try to hit the roughly 7:1 key/fill ratio we want for our outdoor environments).

Below are some more city shots, and some of the bedroom (which we’ve started shooting), and of the studio. There’s also a forced perspective shot – from the kitchen to the street, where we set a 1:24 street outside the 1:12 kitchen.

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