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Buildings and terrain

These are some of the latest pictures from the workshop.  We have four miniature outdoor environments, which are set on reinforced plywood and foam.  Karin has been cutting through the foam with a chain saw to establish the major forms, and from here we’ll go into the details.  A number of the streets are cobblestone (the pattern we’ve made is on the rolling pin), and the sidewalks are based on Berlin sidewalks – which are wide and both tiled and cobblestoned.

Buildings 1

This is a glance into the building process.  All of these buildings are built to 1:24 and will eventually represent the city in the film.  The buildings are separated into a foundation (that goes into the sidewalk), a store front, and a top level.  The top levels will double as regular houses in some of the shots, and some of the top levels are interchangeable (with the store fronts).  Again, the credits go to Karin Ørum.

Doors and windows

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be uploading different parts of our miniature process.  The work and design credit goes entirely to Karin Ørum, who’s been building all of the sets.

This is a selection of some of the doors and windows:

Miniature molds

These are some pictures of the molds we use for the miniatures.  Notice the use of LEGOs to frame the 2 component plastic we cast in.  The LEGOs are easy to pull off and reconstruct, rather than having to build a new frame for each cast.


This is the start of one of our windows frames (for the 1:24 scale set).  We’ll be refining this and then using it as a master for hopefully a couple of the buildings.

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